CROSSWIND AVIATION offers an Owner-Assisted Annual Inspection service. You can choose an affordable and flexible plan to accomplish this required maintenance. You will need to come to our location.

We perform certificated light single-engine fixed gear airplane Annual Inspections, for individual owners. No retractable gear, no twin engine aircraft. We also perform Condition Inspections on selected experimental amateur-built aircraft. Please call us at 509-765-9519 to discuss this.

We encourage you to become an active participant in your own Annual Inspection or Condition Inspection. Is there any better way to ensure Peace of Mind, knowing for sure that the aircraft you are flying is certainly in an airworthy condition? Knowledge and satisfaction are fringe benefits, at no extra charge!

We will use the aircraft manufacturer’s inspection checklist, and the latest edition of the service manual. We search the database for all service bulletins, service letters and service instructions specific to the aircraft, and we conduct a complete Airworthiness Directives search. In addition to the official documentation, we also have developed in-house inspection guidelines that help us focus on problem areas we’ve previously encountered.

Our fee for an Owner-Assisted Annual Inspection is $495. Approximately 2 hours is spent in research on ADs, Service Bulletins, Service Letters and paperwork, and an estimated 4 hours is onsite and hands-on. This amount of time is typical for a single engine fixed gear airplane with no serious discrepancies, performing routine maintenance only, with your help. Two hours for paper work and 2 hours for the inspection for a total of 4 hours estimated work time to get the required maintenance items completed.

CROSSWIND AVIATION will document all airworthiness items and discrepancies found. Each item will be discussed, and together we will determine how best to approach the repair process. It may be possible that you can perform the repair(s), under our supervision. Or we can fix it for you.

Discrepancies must be corrected before the aircraft can be returned to service. This could take more time than the allotted amount described above, and would require additional labor billing. This will be discussed and a plan will be agreed upon before proceeding.

Additional labor is billed at $50 per hour.

We will also provide a Watch List for items that, while still airworthy at the time of inspection, may be approaching the end of their published service limits.

An Annual “Inspection Only” is $300. We research ADs, Service Bulletins and Service Letters (same as above) and we inspect your aircraft for airworthiness. Approximately 2 hours are spent on research and paperwork, and the other 2 hours onsite for the inspection. There is no maintenance or repair service provided. A logbook entry is made, stating that an inspection has been performed. A list of airworthiness items and discrepancies needing correction is provided separately. You are free to use any means at your disposal to return the aircraft to service.

Here is how your Owner-Assisted Annual Inspection will proceed