Flight Instruction

CROSSWIND AVIATION provides high quality flight instruction using efficient equipment and training techniques. This combination allows nearly anyone to accomplish their dream of becoming a pilot. We looked at general aviation and noticed that fewer and fewer people were flying for pleasure. Crosswind Aviation believes that a significant reason for this is the use of larger, faster, less efficient (but more expensive) aircraft being used for primary flight training. Our goal is to provide well maintained, practical training aircraft with an experienced professional pilot as your flight instructor so you can become a pilot.

$50 per hour for basic flight instruction.

CROSSWIND AVIATION is dedicated to providing clean, quality, competitively priced aviation fuel. Your aircraft can be refueled without requiring assistance from the flight crew, freeing you to utilize our facility for flight planning, weather inquiries or to simply relax before returning to the air.

self serve 24/7

Guaranteed fuel prices posted on AIRNAV

100LL Avgas only

Government Contract Fuel Available.




Crosswind Aviation

Address: 11905 Rd.4 Moses Lake Wa. 98837

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